• Client Ministry of Economy
  • Date 08/2016 - 01/2017
  • Location Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Funded by World Bank

The objective of the ISWM project is to support the reform of the Greater Baku solid waste collection and disposal operations into an effective and sustainable system in the areas of (i) improving environmental conditions at the existing waste disposal sites, (ii) increasing operational, management and communication capabilities, (iii) roll-out of collection services, and (iv) data collection and planning.

The key success indicators for the ISWM project are:

  • Environmental control measures in place at formal operational disposal sites for water management; coverage of dump area surface to eliminate fires; and limited access to disposal sites.
  • Increased percentage of population served by an effective formal solid waste management system which includes collection, recovery/utilization and disposal.
  • Increased number of households that pay an appropriate tariff for supporting an effective and sustainable solid waste collection program.
  • Improved disposal management systems as evidenced by the number of informal dumps that are effectively closed.