Concept design & detailed design

“Best design partner”

Infrastructure projects design is one of the core directions of our company. Numerous projects on designs, design review, MEP engineering services within such spheres as water, sewerage, waste and other types of infrastructure as well as civil infrastructure, different types of buildings were successfully provided by our professional team.

Our engineers and architects utilize effective solutions and apply both local and international standards in our engineering design.

  • Land survey and investigations
  • Environmental assessment
  • Architecture
  • MEP
  • Cost estimation & BOQ
  • 3D modeling

Our engineers – constructors, architects and designers develop a detailed plan, indicating each element:

  • Water supply and sanitation system
  • Sewerage Treatment Facilities (WWTPs for municipal, hospital, chemical and other type of waste use)
  • Electrical and energy infrastructure (substations, different voltage lines and relevant structures)
  • Architectural design
  • Residential and non residential buildings (office, schools, hospitals etc.)
  • Industrial infrastructure facilities (workshops, warehouses etc.)
  • Waste management (landfills)
  • Irrigation systems (pivot systems, river channels etc.)
  • Transport infrastructure (roads, pedestrian crossings, railway infrastructure)
  • Urban and rural design (landscape designs, support to master plans)
  • Water supply and sanitation systems
  • Waste water treatment facilities
  • Energy & electricity
  • Architecture & buildings
  • Waste management
  • Environment & natural resources
  • Urban and rural development
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • Transport, marine & railway infrastructure