Construction Supervision

“Your Construction Supervision Authority”

For more than 10 years, ARPA Consulting earned reputation of professional engineering company providing construction supervision services. We became partners of our clients in both private and public sectors, implemented numerous IFIs funded and governmentally financed supervision projects in accordance with FIDIC Standards and local regulations.

We have supervised projects in industry, civil infrastructure, energy, water & sewerage systems, sport facilities, residence buildings, waste with intense complexity and specific nature, within different climate conditions. Our supervision projects are matched by the totally successfully constructed facilities.

Our supervision scope includes:

  • Monitoring of methods and procedures of contract works
  • Monitoring of planning and implementation of program
  • Supervision of construction and adherence to all legal norms
  • Monitoring of work in accordance with FIDIC standards
  • Modification of design
  • QA/QC of materials and works
  • Reporting and relevant records
  • Technical support
  • Laboratory tests
  • Authors supervision

We successfully supervise projects in:

  • Water supply and sanitation systems
  • Waste water treatment facilities
  • Energy & electricity
  • Residential and non residential buildings
  • Medical premises
  • Education premises
  • Waste management
  • Environment & natural resources
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • Transport, marine & railway infrastructure