Client: Ministry of Justice, JSSIP PIU
Date: 02/2015 – 03/2016
Location: Baku, Ganja, Shirvan & etc (Azerbaijan)
Funded by: World Bank

World Bank has approved a US$100 million loan to the Republic of Azerbaijan for the Judicial Services and Smart Infrastructure Project (JSSIP). The JSSIP included a component to expand and modernize justice sector physical and ICT infrastructure to improve the delivery of justice services.
The main objective of this assignment was to assess current condition of infrastructure of the courts located throughout the country. ARPA Consulting was awarded with the contract through the procurement of tender process.
The objective of the assignment was to assist the Ministry of Justice (the Client) to develop a unified system of information exchange among courts (Project Areas) across the country, by (a) conducting an assessment of the existing infrastructure at each of the Project Areas, including electrical, telephone and IT cabling, fiber optic lines, power supply etc; and (b) developing recommendations for improving the infrastructure in line with local and international standards and best practices, including to define the scope of work, volume of investments and timeline required for the infrastructure improvements. The project area covered 18,000 m2.