Client: Azerishig JSC
Date: 06/2016 – 06/2019
Location: Entire territory of Azerbaijan
Funded by: ADB

The Project Objective was objective is to improve energy efficiency of power distribution subsector in Azerbaijan through rehabilitation and expansion of aged power distribution network. The intended investment Program will: (i) improve power supply reliability in the regions (rayons); (ii) reduce distribution losses; (iii) improve customer service efficiency and quality; (iv)improve operational and financial performance of the regional distribution companies, and (v) promote corporate reform and capacity development in the distribution subsector. Supervision over 40 contractors construction works in the 20 regions of Azerbaijan, including testing and inspection of materials.

The project outcomes include: review and audit of the detailed engineering design, procurement, construction, erection, testing and commissioning, environmental and social safeguards monitoring, issue of necessary progress reports, and improve the Azerishiq’s project management capacity. The Consultant is also be responsible for the financial management of Project-related activities including establishing a project performance monitoring system (PPMS) for the entire MFF and each individual tranche, assistance in accounting, and issuance of payments certificates to Azerishiq, etc.