The objective of the assignment is to provide diligent and effective construction supervision for the Digital Silk Way fiber optic cable line across three distinct routes: 106 kilometers along the southern route, 460 kilometers along the western route, and 200 kilometers along the northern route. The overarching goal is to ensure that the construction processes adhere to approved plans, industry standards, and safety protocols.

ARPA Consulting implemented following scope: 

  • Monitor civil works and installations  provided by the contractor in accordance with the design 
  • Provide testing of materials where necessary and monitor conduction of the tests provided by the contractor in accordance with the legal requirements and contract specifications 
  • Supervise construction process in accordance with the local standards and regulation 
  • Foresee possible problems and advise the Employer appropriately during the construction.
  • Detect inconsistencies and defects during the construction works, making visual capturing of any such defects/inconsistencies and informing the Employer;
  • Monitor the performance of hidden works and certify relevant acts (acts of hidden works).
  • Record, examine and evaluate all claims submitted by the Contractor and submit timely recommendations thereof for Employer. 
  • If necessary, submit substantiated proposals to the Employer on the expediency and necessity of making changes in the project and the cost estimate of the works to be performed at the initiative of the Consultant and / or the Contractor.
  • Review Variation Orders, determine its reasonability and recommend to Employer on their implementation
  • Approve a final construction report, as-built drawings and maintenance manuals;
  • Obtain the as built designs from the Contractor, Review, and approve them in accordance with the “Design Specifications”, and hand them over to the employer
  • Provide weekly progress reports as well as Final report to Employer etc.

Name of Client: Azerconnect LLC

Start Date (Month/Year): April/2022

Completion Date (Month/Year): May/2023