Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin Project: Project Implementation Consultant inducing Survey and Design

ARPA Consulting implements its first project in Tajikistan together with FCG International Ltd (Finland) for Water Resources Management in Pyanj River Basin Project: Project Implementation Consultant inducing Survey and Design.
The project will support Hydromet of Tajikistan in capacity building to improve forecasting and warning of extreme weather events. The project will develop Hydromet’s capacity for flood forecasting and local flood alerts to support improvements in the water resources management and disaster risk reduction in the PRB area. The project will provide flood awareness and preparedness training for local stakeholders as well as implement a viable business model for the marketing and sale of fee-based services. A system and platform for the sale of information and forecasting products will be developed, and at least one new weather information product will be marketed among key stakeholders in the PRB to support agricultural production and water resource management. New office buildings will be constructed in accordance with the FIDIC guidelines.

Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program, Trance 1

ARPA Consulting has successfully completed  ADB funded Power Distribution Enhancement Investment Program, Tranche 1: Project Supervision and Management. ARPA Consulting was partner of the JV with DECON International GmbH and CONSULECTRA. 

The Project Objective was objective is to improve energy efficiency of power distribution subsector in Azerbaijan through rehabilitation and expansion of aged power distribution network. It is necessary to underline that JV supervised the construction of substations and different voltage lines within over 40 contractors in different rayons of Azerbaijan.

Strategic Partnership with PGM

The strategic partnership was conducted between PGM and ARPA Consulting. PGM Inspection is independent, international, global Third Party Inspection, testing and certification company.

PGM  was established in 2003 to service of project, inspection, quality control, engineering and training facilities for  manufacturer and metal industry, energy, petrol- petrol products and oil-gas sectors.  

PGM is a member of CEOC (International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organizations).

ARPA Consulting became EQS Global Partner in Azerbaijan and Caspian Region

ARPA Consulting signed the Cooperation Agreement with EQS Global and became EQS representative in Azerbaijan and Caspian Region. 

EQS Global is an independent inspection company, specialized on working for the highly demanding industries such as oil sector, energy and alternative energy projects as well as construction. Working in Europe, North & South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific, EQS is now represented in Azerbaijan by ARPA Consulting.