Consultancy Services for Development of the Strategic Plan for Azerishig for 2021-2026 Years, Republic of Azerbaijan

The objective of the Consultancy Service is to formulate a technically, economically feasible and socially/environmentally sustainable strategic plan for development of electricity distribution infrastructure across Azerbaijan Republic for the decade of 2021-2026 years in order to address social needs and demands of developing economy of the country.

Description of Actual Services Provided by ARPA staff:

The Strategic Plan 2021-2026 to address the followings: 

Part 1

  • Analyses of the external in country environment in electricity sector 
  • Overview of energy and economic legislation 
  • Review of Relevant Development Plan, Programs, Projects, and Surveys which were conducted in the past
  • Review of existing distribution infrastructure, its operations and maintenance framework 
  • SWOT and GAP analyses

Part 2 

  • Development of strategic objectives for the period of 2021-2026 in accordance with the demand forecast
  • Development of the strategy to reach strategic objectives 
  • Development of demand-based plans for construction of electricity distribution infrastructure to address country’s economic needs, including network and substations (renewables and energy efficiency, agriculture, metering infrastructure etc.)
  • Procurement needs and project implementation schemes
  • Environmental impacts of the existing and planned infrastructure 
  • Performance analyses of the technical and economic indicators before and after the proposed strategic plan 
  • Estimation of investments need for realization of strategic objectives.