Energy & Electricity

ARPA Consulting – performs engineering consulting works on broad profile – on design, construction, modernization and maintenance of energy facilities with a view of improving environmental indicators and their effectiveness.

ARPA Consulting has a broad spectrum of experts of different specialties, including business analysts, power engineers and other professionals with years of experience in the energy sector.

What do we do?

Engineering consultancy:

  • Energy diagnostics
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design review of electricity facilities
  • Construction supervision of substations and high and medium voltage lines
  • Strategies and recommendations
  • Project management
  • Energy efficiency auditing
  • Design and preparation of specifications
  • Tender documentation & procurement support
  • Quality assurance and assessment of equipment

Institutional consultancy:

  • Energy and energy efficiency audit
  • Energy diagnostics
  • Strategies and recommendations
  • Research and desk studies
  • Alternative energy research and study
  • Legislation & grid codes
  • Energy grid codes
  • Procurement documentation
  • Feasibility studies