Water supply and sewerage systems

Institutional consultancy:

Our specialists implement projects of various complexity depending on technical-economic expediency, sanitary hygienic and fire protection requirements, while taking into account needs of production technology and in line with international standards.

  • Design Water supply and sanitation systems
  • Horizontal and upward delivery of water
  • Sewage drainage
  • Distribution sets and tanks
  • Sea drainage systems
  • Pumping stations

What do we do?

Engineering consultancy:

  • Feasibility study
  • Design of water supply and sanitation systems
  • Construction supervision
  • Cost estimation & BOQ
  • Inspection & testing of water and sewerage systems
  • Project management of large scale water projects

Institutional consultancy:

  • Economic analyses, researches
  • Business planning
  • Social surveying

Operation & Maintenance:

  • WWTPs
  • SCADA systems

Inspection & Technical Due Diligence

  • QA/QC
  • Cost estimates verification
  • Testing & sampling

Construction & Installation

  • Excavation & Earthworks
  • Civil works
  • MEP
  • Installation of WWTP equipment