Client: Azerishiq (beneficiary Ministry of Energy)
Date: 10/2018 – Present
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
Funded by: ADB

The main objective is to develop Energy Grid Code which includes:

  • provide clear guidelines, rules and procedures, which ensure that all stakeholders of the electricity sector understand and abide by the obligations and responsibilities placed upon them under the Network Code;
  • lay down day-to-day and long-term principles, standards, procedures and guidelines for Planning, Operation, Dispatch, and Connection purposes for normal and abnormal transmission system conditions;
  • deal with the technical aspects of Transmission System covering the voltage range of high voltage such as 110, 220, 330 and 500 kV – This would contribute to the supply sustainability in technical terms from power plants to consumers;
  • establish the technical responsibilities of generating companies (both state-owned and private generation companies), transmission and dispatch company, and state-owned and private renewable energy companies as the case may be;
  • deal with the technical aspects of the distribution system covering the voltage range of 0.4-6-10-35 kV to provide a framework for achieving high performance, reliability and quality of power supply to end-use consumers, and also ensure reduction of line losses and improvements in operational performance of the distribution utility.