Client: Ministry of Justice
Date: 09/2017 – 12/2018
Location: Baku, Azerbaijan
Funded by: World Bank

Overcoming Gender Barriers in Justice Professions: (i) development of a Justice Sector Gender Strategy and Action Plan publicly available on the MoJ website; (ii) conducting consulta-tions/seminars/workshops with relevant stakeholders; (iii) recommendations for public
dissemination after finalization of the Jus-tice Sector Gender Strategy and Action Plan. Procurement Plan (World Bank funded)
The objective of this assignment is to de-velop a Justice Sector Gender Strategy and Action Plan based on international best practice practice which will be public-ly available on the website of the Ministry of Justice (hereafter MoJ), in addition to stakeholder consultations during prepara-tion and public dissemination after com-pletion.
The Justice Sector Gender Strategy and Action Plan is part of the JSSIP Results Framework and an indicator to measure the project’s progress towards achieve-ment of its objectives, i.e. to improve the access, transparency and efficiency of de-livery of selected justice services.
The strategy and identified actions will strengthen the MoJ’s and other relevant stakeholders’ capacities to (a) overcome gender barriers within the justice profes-sion and (b) to address gender issues in society through targeted actions.