Client: Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Population
Date: 09/2018 – 05/2019
Location: Azerbaijan
Funded by: Government

A number of projects were implemented in accordance with the Presidential Decree of April 7, 2016 “On additional measures to ensure self-sufficiency of the popula-tion”, which is one of the most important projects of this kind. The essence of the program is not just to help low-income families, but to create business skills, im-prove professional skills and bring them to a new level of economic development through launching Small and Medium business enterprises. In this case, con-stant attention, targeting audience is an absolute necessity.
The objective of this assignment was to:
  • Determine the level of proper targeting (underwriting) during the implementa-tion of the self-employment program;
  • Determine the level of accessibility of standards for self-employment pro-grams;
  • Analysis of the continuity of the self-employment program, taking into ac-count the experience, knowledge and skills of citizens engaged to the pro-gram;
  • Analysis of transparency at the local level of coordination of the self-employment program;
  • Formation of an analytical database for the effective implementation of the program in the following stages.